QR Codes are back !

If you bring people to your physical, or online site, and they leave without purchasing or providing their details –  how can you contact them personally again.  If your company spends thousands of dollars in print media, TV and instore, or online to capture prospects – this is a technology that you need to get across.

In case you haven’t heard,  Apple in its latest release of the Camera has a QR reader, that recognises the codes just by pointing the camera.  Talk about avoiding friction.  QR codes ARE BACK!

That means you can create a QR code that auto-fills a text message to you, advising you of the mobile number of the person who wants more information.  Scan this one from your IPhone Camera, or QR reader if you have an Android.  You’ll get the idea.

You can then respond to them with an automated advice/reward –  thank them, put your brand in front of them, give them an incentive to come back, offer inducements for them to provide you with a bit more information. Maximum cost per contact is 0.50c.

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