Considerations when looking at TMM
Considerations when investigating Text Message Marketing

MobileDigital is Australia’s most experienced mobile marketing company,  back in 2013 our founder Eibhlis backed her vision that the mobile handset would become the most valuable B2C engagement tool available to businesses.   Since 2013 has set about designing an easy to use, high function inhouse user platform  enabling businesses with the flexibility, freedom, ease of use and functionality to manage the most powerful customer engagement channel  marketers have ever had access to.

It’s easy to get started with Mobile Message Marketing,  the challenge is stick with it, even if your intitial trials disappoint. Message marketing is NOT email, and requires a new set of skills, a new approach and a commitment from the organisation to allocate resources and develop the skills within your organisation to become good at it.

AttentiveMobile are reporting in the US that their clients are averaging $71 in revenue for every single dollar spent, and that their clients are now averaging 18.5% of their online revenues from message marketing.  These stats were only released in April this year – and show good cause why CMO’s should be investing time and resources in this new, always on channel that over 90% of their clients prefer above email and phone. 

We have included below a series of charts taken from a March 2021 US study dealing with the challenges of getting mobile messaging right.  We’d suggest it’s not as disfficult as it first appears, but the difference between getting text marketing right and wrong can be an  expensive excercise.   Therefore,  we recommend you work closely with an experienced mobile marketing leader like MobileDigital  to achieve the best outcomes.

MobileDigital’s business has been devoted ONLY mobile message marketing since 2013.  Our company has developed a global leading set of tools and personalisation capabilities  that enable marketers with an easy to use and implement full  function text marketing platform that can deliver unique personalised visual and text campaigns on a 1:1 basis,  at scale.

There is a big difference in sending a text message as an appointment reminder, a delivery advice or a secuirty code to austorise a secure transaction.  Text marketing is a significant step away from transactional text messaging.  Irrespective of who sends your company’s transactional texts  text marketing is a different kettle of fish.

Text marketing messages is the most accessable channel to the consumer organisations have ever had.  98% plus delivery, instantly and directly to your audience’s always on device,  with 95% seen instantly.  Marketers have never had a channel this powerful.

No matter how good the channel, and irrespective of how powerful and easy to use our platform is, at MobileDigital we believe in the early days of your experimenting and testing of what works and what doesn’t work for your clients,  you’ll value our assistance and experience as Australia’s most expereinced text marketing organisation.

As an example –  a client used our side by side test to test 2 MMS images, and offers. One offer was a $15 gift card coupon, and the other was a 15% saving.  The vision and messaging on the $15 gift coupon was clear, there was a good use of color and no products were shown.  Both messages were personalised to teh receiver.   In the 15% discount offer, there was a picture of products, and some movement, the image did not have stand out contrasting colours and the products were small.   The AB offers were sent to the same audience mix.   The 15% discount received only 4.5% sales conversion, the $15 gift card coupon with the brighter imagery and clearer offer received 17% sales conversion.

If the company had sent the 15% discount,  to inactive clients and received only 4.5% sales reponse, the campaign would have been considered reasonable.  However, after our A B testting – the image and offer from the 17% trial campaign was  sent to approximately 70,000 inactive clients , achieved a sales response rate of 16% generated gross revenues from inactive clients of over $550k, in 3 weeks.

MobileDigital, are specialists in Mobile Message Marketing,  with process patents on our vusual messaging technologies and patents pending on our ability personalise every visual image with unquie data tags so as every visual message sent is personalised, unique and can be delivered at scale.

MobileDigital’s clients can now design (using the Canva integration) personalise and instantly send, unique 2WAY visual and text messages to their clients, offering clients the capability to respond with text messages or photos. 

The following 6 charts describe responses from the Attentive survey to key questions about the challenges they are experiencing in the introduction of text message marketing within their organizations.

Challenges ?

Think about segmentation ? 

What is your text messaging strategy ?

Who do you involve, and are they the right people ?

Integration is important !

Triggered text messages work !

The next two charts are provided from the Forrester Attentive study. 

The first chart Indicates that companies see the need for improved customer engagement as the most iportant reason for pursuing text marketing.  Companies see the need to meet tyhe clients expectation of a more direct channel to their clients as well as an opportunity at improved returns on their communications investments.

The requirement for strong customer engagement seems a natural requirement given the remoteness and a sense of isolation from brand relationships caused by the pandemic.  Our behaviours have changed – we missed commercials, we  binged TV shows, we saw very little free to air TV and were prevented from visiting shopping centres, malls and our favourite shops.    Anecdotally it appears customers and brands have lost touch with each other.

Text messaging enables constant affordable contact between brands to create a more engaged customer base.

There are going to be obstacles along the way to success in using text marketing.  Nbody got email right first time, and while there will be some early successes with test marketing, experience, knowledge and the willingness to experiment and test will determine the best approach for our company.

MobileDigital can help you work through your campaigns and integration, as well as work yoiu through many of the misinformation about regulatory and false expectations of  customer objections to messaging.

Text Message Marketing to mobile inboxes delivers outstanding ROI performance, and why it is now the fastest growing consumer channel in the developed world, and can deliver $71 for every dollar spent, plus create a more engaged and higher value longer lifetime client base.

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