Covid drives TEXT Marketing

Here are some serious numbers.

  • Companies using Text Message Marketing in the USA are attributing  $71.00 income to every single dollar spent on Text Message Marketing (TMM)
  • The same companies are claiming 18.5% of their onine revenues are being generated from TMM
  • The channel has grown 1250% since 2016
  • In Australia,  we are seeing ROI’s that are better than any other social platform
  • McKinsey, Gartner and Forrester all claim TMM as the fastest growing B2C channel and TMM playing a very significant role in bringing the distance between brands and their regular clients.

That last bullet is a big one, as brands in this socially distanced world run the risk of losing their faithful to online brands, as lifestyle brands up their online, faithful brand  customers may transition to more user friendly online experiences.  Retaing brand engagement is going to be key – and this coluld be a big driver why TMM has taken off as a B2C engagement platform, as well as carrying out its tradition role of  delivering calendar reminders, delivery advice and two factor authentication .   Although having said that –  there is a lot more complexity to getting Text Message

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