Less than 7% don't want text

In 2016 only 4.5% of the USA’s top retailers were using text as a marketing tool – In 2021 that number is already over 50%.

In Australia we can debate if we are 6, 12 or 18 months behind the US experience, but the growth in the US marketers  use of mobile text message marketing has been massive and Australian marketers need to be mindful of the opportunity and advanatges of building and securing their engaged mobile clients.

There are some well publicised commonly quoted statistics that support why marketers should be considering text message marketing. They are; text messages are guaranteed to be delivered to the phone text in box, that 98% of text messages are seen and between 90% and 95% of those messages are seen within three minutes. No doubt powerful data, and when you think that text messages are an always on, instant delivery channel –  the case for considering text message marketing gets stronger and stronger.

That’s the stuff most of the marketing population knows, but as yet these stats don’t appear to be having a big impact in Australian marketers shifting the needle on adoption of mobile text messaging.

Here is  data dump of things you may not know,  reported recently as a result of a 2020/21 study by AttentiveMobile across 2,000 commercial US users of mobile text message  marketing.

  • Over 91% of consumers express interest in receiving texts from their favourite brands
  • In 2020 text marketing drove 18.5% of total online revenues in Attentive’s client base
  • 70% of consumers indicated they would be extremely likley or very likley to interact with a  brand via text message to receive customer support.
  • 95% of those firms surveyed said the had experienced or were getting very good or fundamentally noteworthy shifts in sales revenues from mobile message marketing.
  • According to Forrester, 87% of marketers believe that text message marketing  will have a major impact on the future of client engagement
  • Less than 80% of companies worldwide are using text message marketing
  • Gartner have been quoted as stating that text message marketing is a significantly under utilised marketing tool by marketing leaders
  • 65% of retailers not using text marketing say they will introduce text marketing in 2021
  • 65% believe they need to commmunicate ith customers more frequently

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