Lets Talk The Mobile Wallet

The mobile wallet is still the most under utilised and powerful asset at a marketers disposal.  Mobile wallet passes can be delivered via MMS and SMS and stored in the same place you store your credit cards, boarding passes, vaccination record.  Yep in your phone wallet.  No you don’t need Stocard, no you don’t need to download an APP –  loyalty passes, coupons and gift cards go to the same place you most important things that use to be  plastic but now are digital, in your hand every day

OK, so now you have the loyalty card in your clients wallet, they are much more likely to use it.  But still ….it isn’t taking off as yet.

Even more amazing is that a customer has downloaded your loyalty pass/coupon/gift card into their native wallet enables you to:

  1. push messages to them for less than 1/100th of a cent
  2. update the pass whenever, with new points, new graphics, new data
  3. set 3 automated calendar based messages
  4. set 10 geo location based push messages like “Hi Mary, you are only seconds from our Paramatta Store, come in in”
  5. set you the back of the pass to contain multiple active links, that enable you clients to Tap the active link rather than typing in your URL or searching for you

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