Send trusted brand images, animations and video direct to mobile

Multi-Media Messaging (MMS) delivered directly to a mobile users text inbox gives marketers the opportunity to ensure their messages are delivered and seen.  No links are required to be clicked by the recipient, and the message comes from a dedicated mobile number – so receivers have a high level of trust that the message is really coming from who it says it is, and as an added trust measure the recipient can reply to that message without having to type in another number.

MMS is a telecommunications service delivered over the telecommunications carrier network and therefore delivery is point to point and is guaranteed.  MMS messages can be images, animations or videos. SMS (Short Message Service) has the same delivery benefits of MMS, (98% see your message) but lacks the ability to convey visual brand imagery and messaging.  SMS can be great when used in conjunction with MMS – to reaffirm a previous communication, and prompt calls to action if the MMS recipient has not as yet acted on the MMS.  Marketo in the US has this MMS facility available – and here is some detail from them on those services. In Australia, MobileDigital has a comprehensive set of WebHooks and Rest API’s that enable integration with data management platforms like Marketo, Tealium, Shopify, Emarsys and SalesForce and others.

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