Message Marketing Revenue

Shoppers are embracing a mobile first  (and for some a mobile only) mindset.  93% of consumers use desktop and mobile handset for purchases, of that group a staggering 56.7% primarily use mobile for purchasing.   The trend to the mobile will require marketers to repond with approaches that meet shifting mobile client expectations.  Mobile customer engagement challenges will continue to develop as mobile purchasing becomes easier with less cumbersome frictionless mobile checkouts and personalised two way text exchanges.

In what represents a shift in the mobile marketing industry,  CPaaS providers have recently publicised client revenue data .  To date this information has not been publicly available.

Mobile marketing company AttentiveMobile in the USA are now quoting an average of $71.00 USD for one dollar spent on text message marketing. In Australia, marketers have long held the view that every email dollar spent generated approximately $32.00 – $44.00   This newly released data  on mobile message marketing is the first we have seen,  and will no doubt impact the views of Australian CMO’s as we approach budget setting for  FY2022.

Consumers will continue to gravitate to low friction, instant gratification get it done on mobile mindset – these shifting expectations will re-shape many online behaviours and retailer responses  as the predictions are that most consumers will remain mobile and will  seek a closer and more connected relationship to their favourite brands.


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