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No other channel can touch direct to mobile – it’s instant, it can carry your brand messaging directly into the hand of your clients in a way that no other platform has done before. Used correctly – it can be the most powerful marketing and client engagement tool EVER! Used poorly – without due consideration to the 1:1 personal nature of the engagement, well there’s a huge opportunity to waste a lot of money and a lot of time, and worse, do harm.

Marketers have been emailing clients for over 30 years so there are lots of lessons, ebooks, examples, tutorials, webinars and lots more on how to write a successful email. Direct to mobile message and visual based marketing has not been around that long, and so there is not a plethora of support documentation. MobileDigital have been working with clients who have been communicating directly to the message inbox since 2013, we have had many spectacular results for our clients, and also some fizzers.

We realised after a few fizzers1 that having the best 1:1 access to a client is by a long mile the best platform a business has to communicate with its clients. However, ensuring that your communication is received well and encourages the call to action you are hoping for – that is where the magic/science comes into direct to mobile marketing. We strongly recommend that your messaging meets the minimum requirements of being :


Are you addressing the recipient by name, if you can and have access to that data, then use it. The benefit is the recipient won’t feel like you are SPAMMING them. Sure they probably aware that this is an automated process -but they know you know who they are.

Also, we have seen higher success communications in terms of click through and responses to calls to action when the message is sent from someone they receiver knows, recognises as the legitimate person to be writing to them, or signs off in a capacity that welcomes a response, for example – any issues or you want more information text me back” – Leon

The big one – Don’t get my name wrong, if in doubt – don’t use my name – if you use the wrong name – well I am annoyed. Maybe an alternative – apologise that we don’t have your name, or are unsure of it, suggest the client text it back to us and we’ll update our records. Now that’s personal.


When I am on my phone I am a different beast, and so too are all of us. When we are using our phones we are looking to get stuff done, looking for results, action orientated, impatient and time greedy.

So, if you are interrupting me because you sent me a message, then if it isn’t worth my while then – you have probably done harm. Messaging is a form of direct engagement, 95% of people will open your message within 3 minutes. This is very very different to email – which has become almost display advertising – I am not interrupted by email – I just ignore it, unless I have nothing else to do. I’ll scan emails to see if anything in the subjects interests me, but I won’t be offended if I open something that isn’t that good a deal. However, I can’t help myself with direct messages, I hear the bing, and I must look, like 95% of the world – I have no control.

So, if I open it, and the offer is valuable to me, I am highly likely to think highly of you for sending it to me and respond to your call to action. If however you are sending some run of the mill offer that I don’t really value – I sort of object and feel like you have wasted my precious time.


Trying to sell me a great deal on pet food, when I don’t have a pet is just a waste of my time. So too trying to get me interested in buying swimsuits in the middle of winter on the off chance that I am going on holidays. I don’t care that your business model is brilliant, and that you send me swimmers to try on at home and I can send them back – because it is a brilliant model. The fact is – I won’t be putting on a swimmer for another 6 months and it isn’t my priority.

Now if you know I am going on holidays in the middle of winter – that would be a contextual offer, as I probably need a new swimmer – that I would value – as it is aimed at me.

Your customers need to know that you know them, and if you don’t – then don’t fake it. Your offer for school shoes at an incredible price, at the end of the final term is of out of context, parents know feet will grow over the long break – and you are going to wait to buy shoes the week before they go back to school – an offer that week would be very valuable. Great pricing is no substitute for great timing and the right offer in the right context.


I am not stupid, and neither are you, or your clients. If you are running a sale or promotion with upto 80% savings on some items, well I am going to bet that those are items I don’t want, nor does anybody else – which is why you are offering them at 80% off. I also now think that the rest of the sale is probably a bit of a sham – and there will be very few bargains, and you are just using the 80% to bait and switch me. Most of us have a pretty good bullsh*t filter.

If you put an offer to me, on my mobile – I have to believe its genuine, works for me, is appropriate and authentic.

Mobile messaging requires a serious rethink

1Fizzers are fireworks that don’t do what they are supposed to do

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