SMS, MMS or eMail ?

If you were setting out today, building your client base, would you focus on  building an email list for marketing, or collecting opted in mobile numbers ?


How about if I said that email addresses stay current for about 4 years and the average time a mobile customer keeps their same mobile number is 20 years. (ask around – the only reason to change numbers is crazy ex partners, or your last company kept the number)

Please carefully  look at this chart – it compares not just the   the cost of sending 10,000 email, v SMS, v MMS –  but looks at the time and cost preparing the send, and most importantly who sees it.

Have used costings as follows:  email $12 per 10,000,  SMS $350 per 10,000 @3.5c and MMS $3,500 to send 10,000 @35c.

But what if you take into consideration the time spent by the CRM Manager, pulling together, having their messaging approved @$40 per hour including on costs.

Now look at the cost of eyeballs !  using some standard industry open and click to open rates for each channel -in retail.

As email open rates drop, other channels will play a bigger role, and have much to offer through superior instant, visual, personalised, 2WAY engagement.

Text  marketing is not for everyone, and some consumers find text direct to the inbox as an intrusion –  that group may be as high as 7% of your client base.  These people don’t like text as they consider it as an intrusive product and that their text inbox is a personal private thing.  It has to be said that this leaves 93% of the population happily working within the text marketing paradigm.


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