Text based Personal Shopper for 2021

We are very strong believers at MobileDigital in the possibilities of text based real time customer engagement, service, sales and customer experience.


As a direct result of 2020, covid, and our new “distanced world” our expectations have shifted, we should be able to reach out to a store via SMS and engage a personal shop assistant and that personal text assistant should be able to answer our queries real time, send text recommendations to us and we should be able to buy using a text reply.  Our favourite stores and organisations should have the tools to run highly targeted SMS and MMS campaigns, offer discount  and have the tools to access to all their company offerings.

90% of us prefer text engagement-  this will work – and our SNIPERMobile.com  platform enables organisations to get started straight away.

It was interesting to read and article published by Stephanie Miles  a senior editor at Street Fight. Please find an exerpt.

Consumer behavior has fundamentally changed, and many will never go back to in-store shopping. In this new world, The role of service is not just to handle post-sale issues – it’s to consult buyers at every stage of the journey, recommend products and services, and drive sales. The line between sales and service has vanished.

With Covid driving so many more consumers online, this is now a reality for all commerce businesses,” he says. “The service center must become a revenue driver.”

The biggest stories around retail customer service in 2021 will revolve around companies seeking to turn service interactions into human interactions.

“Success will no longer be measured by dated metrics like average handle time or number of tickets resolved. These will be replaced by things like conversations handled, revenue driven, and impact of service conversations on loyalty and repeat purchase rate,” he says. “And companies will invest even more in making service teams product experts who can advise their customers on which products are a best match – and importantly, close the sale.”

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