$71.00 for every $1.00 spent

Another great chart.  69.4% likley to interact with a brand via text, and 24.37% in the maybe camp.  That’s 93.84% open to mobile messaging.  Note –  under 7% of consumers  are unfavouarable to text message marketing -although we have never seen opt outs that high on a first send to an inferred opted in list –  but we should expect that upto  7% of people (and they are are a very vocal group dont want you text marketing to them) will let you know they don’t want to be texted.   However, our experience in the last 8 years of mobile message marketing says –  do it well, and you will get a much more engaged customer, have instant access to them, and have almost no opt outs.

The emphahsis in that last sentence is DO IT WELL.

Last week we posted an article including this simple comparison table below.   The numbers for many are challenging as they come out very much in favour of mobile  text message marketing (both SMS and MMS) from a cost per eyeball – when compared to email.  Not that we would ever suggest that you stop emailing.  We just think you might want to start allocating resources to text message marketing using SMS and MMS.    Times are changing –  and most likley quickly.

So…. this week has been amazing – heaps of  people reaching out with their own data, that supports this chart, with many advising that my SMS and MMS conversion rates were too conservative.   Wanting to always under promise and over deliver I am happy to retain my conservative estimates.  But wow .. what a week and what a response.

The  MOST amazing contact this week was the data sent to me about a survey conducted by  USA company AttentiveMobile, who are claiming their clients are experiencing $71 revenue per dollar spent on Text Message Marketing (TMM).   That’s right folks – a US based company claiming $71 per $ spent on text message marketing –  the channel and place 89% of your clients want you to engage with them, and regretably  less than 80% of you are delivering to.

In my role, I  find myself discussing the state of email with CRM people all the time.  It  amazes me  how emailers defend email with such passion.   They know open rates are dropping, they know that peope just don’t bother to opt out anymore and that SPAM filters do a great job. But… until NOW… it is has been  impossible to argue with the magic revenue  stat that they all know, and roll out as their untimate suppport for the channel.

That magic stat always sounds like this  “Campagn Monitor says that for every $spent on email, $44 is generated”   “Constant Contact says for every $spent on email $42 is generated.”   “Hubspot says for every $spent on email $38 is generated”

So,  lets look at the Attentive, Text Message Marketing-   they now claim –  for every $1.00 spent on text message marketing $71.00  is generated.

The Attentive survey was on 400 commercial companies in the USA.  Nearly 96% of marketers using text messaging for marketing  say it’s helped them drive more revenue—and almost 60% say it’s significantly or overwhelmingly increased revenue generation.  As shoppers continue to embrace a mobile-first mindset and use text messaging to interact with the brands they love, the bottom-line impact of SMS and MMS will only continue to grow.

According to Forrester, marketing message volume—across email, mobile, and more—will increase by 40% in 2021, forcing brands to innovate their marketing channels to “be more contextually relevant and responsive to customers’ needs.”

This explains why even among marketers who are not currently using text messaging, investment in this channel is top of mind.  Over 66% of marketers not currently using text messaging say they’re likely to start in 2021.  Approximately one-third of marketers who have yet to invest in eeven just SMS marketing told us they’re very likely to implement it into their strategies this year. Nearly the same amount told us there’s a reasonable likelihood they will.    Beyond the clear revenue benefits of adopting text message marketeting, marketers may also be motivated by keeping up with their competition. When asked if their competitors were using text message marketing, 36.5% indicated that some, most, or all of them were. 43.7% were unsure, and only 4.2% of marketers could say with certainty that their competitors were not yet using this channel.

The Attentive survey makes the point – that text message marketing  is a win-win for marketers and consumers, the majority of whom primarily use mobile devices when shopping online.   Attentive reports that 66.5%  more  consumers signed  up to receive text messages from  brands in  the past year, which in turn continues to contribute  to marketers’ success with this channel.

We know there are challenges –  In the survey – When companies were asked what is their greatest strategic challenge when it comes to text message marketing – the Top 5 answers were


Sound familiar.  There  is  work to be done –  but for $71.00 for every dollar spent, text message marketing is outlooking being a big thing in mobile client engagement.  Remembering text is built for the mobile, and email for the desktop, and over 89% of consumers prefer text.   If you have any questions just reach out to us at MobileDigital,  email:  info@mobile.digital.  We can have a chat how to make the transission to include Mobile Messaging in your Marketing Mix.






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