In 2017 36% of companies were interested in visual messaging

This is a bit cheeky, but we have copied the summary from Ovums 2017 Future of Messaging Report, commissioned by CLX and Symsoft and marked up a few interesting sections.

In summary, these excerpts talk to the 36% of organisations have stated their interest in using enhanced visual and more engaging messaging services to send images, animation and video. Of that group, 94% stated that they would prefer visual messaging over pure text. The gap and opportunity for the first mover is realising that 89% of consumers want what only 36% are considering.

The whole article can be obtained by going to

At MobileDigital, we are all about building easy to use software and committed to delivering organisations superior communications functionality and client engagement.  A2P, or B2P communications in 2018 and beyond are all about engagement – not just reach. Our mandate is to provide communications and marketing professionals easy to use tools that enable organisations to produce and send individualised and engaging communications, not just deliver them.  Our task is to make sure we are using whatever technology platform is available to guarantee the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time. At the moment  A2P SMS and MMS technologies are THE ONLY platforms that can offer this delivery.

MobileDigital will remain across ALL delivery technologies. Our continued and primary focus will be giving the richest and easiest communications tools to organisations and empowering them to meet the changing expectation levels of consumers.

This is a UK Europe centric article and as such fails to include MMS as an A2P  option for delivery. A2P MMS is a platform still used in many jurisdictions, USA, South Africa, huge in Asia and of course, MobileDigital offers the platform in Australia.   RCS is not yet available, and effectively an Android/Google proprietary product,  and if only using RCS at this stage, you would deny being able to send images, animation and video to 100% of Apple clients. Be assured – we are watching RCS –  we see a day when a CPaaS like SNIPER – (in order to offer ubiquity of delivery in an A2P requirement)  will use a hybrid delivery of platforms to obtain guaranteed reach and optimum client engagement. 

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