We prefer Messaging above everything else!

The Data is in, and it is irrefutable. Consumers prefer to deal with organisations via text messaging than a phone call.  They prefer text above email and snail mail. Strangely, and unexpectedly – the data also suggests that social media is not considered the platform that businesses should use to contact their clients.

Twilio have reported data out of the US in 2017, that over 89% of people would prefer to contact a firm by text rather than wait on line. All other data indicates the number of people who prefer text is above 80% and millennials as high as 83%.   The challenge is for organisations how fast can they respond to this customer expectation, what about inbound 1800 phone support, what about outbound phone-based marketing – there are challenges ahead.

Text is convenient to the consumer, a conversation in their time, not yours.

Thanks to OpenMarket for these great slides, taken from their Empathetic Interaction paper and recent online posts.

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