AB Testing (also known as split testing) is a tool you can use where you split your audience and test two versions of a campaign to determine which one performs better.

MMS and SMS marketing is a relatively new tool in the marketing tool bag- so practice and testing will improve skills in using the platform to maximise client engagement.

We recommend that brands do as much testing as they can to get the visuals, personalisation, offer, context and send timing right. We have seen huge variances in response rates – and those who have tested thoroughly have achieved the best results.

With AB Testing, SNIPER users can show version A of an image (or gif) to one half of your audience and version B to another. Rather than relying on guesses and assumption to make your decision, AB Testing will tell you what people like and what effects their click thru decision.

AB Testing has been built in the SNIPER platform to provide a second option to building campaigns.

To run an AB test, you need to create two different versions of the template. This change can be a simple addition of a personalisation “Hi Susan”, adding your brand, or a complete redesign of the image (above). You will then show these two versions to two similarly sized audiences and analyse which one performed better over a specific period of time (long enough to make accurate conclusions about your results).

Using the SNIPER Tracker link feature will allow you to compare the MMS click rates with the SNIPER Platform.

To learn how to set up AB Testing in SNIPER schedule a free 30-minute online training session here.

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