How do you keep an Irish person sober on St Patricks Day

Answer: Tell them they have to speak the next day to over 500 people.

Yes that’s right folks, our Founder Eibhlis will be speaking on stage to over 500 digital marketing professionals  at DMA Conference in  Melbourne on 18th March.

This is Eibhlis debut as a speaker, and she has been working very hard to put together a great presentation that is both  relevant and educational for those attending.

Eibhlis will discuss the applications of our core product SNIPER, as well as provide a demo and a few case studies.  We will also have a booth at the event for people to come up and talk with the team about SNIPER and what it can bring to your marketing, CX and engagement.

The event is at the Melbourne Convention Centre,  Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th March.

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