SNIPER™ Features at Telstra Vantage Show 2018

In September 2018 MobileDigital were invited by Telstra’s GM of API Development, Global Products, David Freeman, to showcase SNIPER and its functionality on the Telstra Development stand. MobileDigital has worked, and continue to work closely with the Telstra API team to increase the capability and functionality of MMS, as an available point to point guaranteed solution for organisations to visually contact their clients, and guarantee delivery of those messages.

Here our founder Eibhlis is taking a selfie with David, to celebrate the success of the co-operative and collegiate working relationship that has developed between Telstra and MobileDigital.

The beauty of being at Vantage is Eibhlis has been able to open discussions with organisations seeking to incorporate SNIPER’s capability to produce individualised MMS messages, on mass, as a component of authorisation and access within the context of IOT.

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